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NYFW + Sale

As the fashion world converges on New York, we are scrolling through instagram feeds, blogs and magazines to follow the latest styles in fashion and eyewear. #NYFW is a big deal for designers and while most creations seem a little too crazy for Northeast Ohio, most elements of the wacky stuff make it back here in one form or another. We just prefer it subdued.

From florals, colorblocking, metallics and lace, these trends in fashion will continue to appear in eyewear.

Here's what's trending in eyewear right now

TFEC Banana Republic
Banana Republic Cate

Ultrathin: In both metal and plastic frames, super thin silhouettes are in and the chunky, heavy styles are fading.

TFEC Scott Harris
Scott Harris 546

Pastels: Lighter colored frames like clear, mauve, peach, and light brown. Neutral colors in a matte finish are replacing bold colors like brown and black.

TFEC Marc Jacobs Cat Eye
Marc Jacobs

Small shapes: Small frames, especially in sunglasses, that feature a geometric shape like an exaggerated cat-eye.

Tallmadge Family Eye Care Scott Harris
Scott Harris Vintage VIN43

Rounds: With or without a bar, hexagonal, ovals and true rounds are back in all sizes (mainly in metal).

Tallmadge Family Eye Care Cinzia
Cinzia 5090

Metal: pulling from the metallic trend in fashion, metal eyewear is trendier than ever, especially in unique shapes.

What's your favorite style? What's a style you want to see go away? Let us know in the comments!


Join us in-store during #NYFW for 30% off any frame! Celebrate by adding some new styles to your #FW18 wardrobe.

*Discount cannot be combined with insurance or any other offers. See an optician for details.

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1 Comment

Sep 11, 2018

Love the metal cat-eye! <3

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