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Lenses & Treatment Options

What's inside matters

The right frame won't mean much if you don't have the right lenses.  Tallmadge Family Eye Care is a proud provider of custom-made eyewear you won't find in big-box stores or online.  These lenses are free-form, digital lenses that allow for the best view and comfort.  Ask an optician for the right lenses for your lifestyle.

We offer Independent Lens Collections for single vision, lined bifocal, progressive. and prescription sunglasses to make it easier to to expand your eyewear collection.  The lens collections provide high quality lenses with unlimited scratch warranties at a discount.  You choose the frame... We'll discount that too!

hoya sv.jpg

Single Vision

Digital Single Vision minimizes distortion and gives you the thinnest lenses available.



Digital progressive lenses allow for the widest view, least amount of distortion, and the most natural ease of movement within the lens. They provide easy and natural transition between distance, intermediate, and near.



Unlike your ordinary "anti-glare coatings," these products are a treatment cured into the lens during the lens making process. These treatments will not peel, chip, or scratch off.  The lenses come with a 2 year, unlimited scratch warranty.

hoya Sensity.png

Light Reactive

Sensity light reactive lenses respond to UV exposure and turn your eyes into sunglasses in less than a minute.

ID SPace.jpg

New Media

Our opticians can find a task-specific lens that will work well for you and help reduce Digital Eye Strain.



Polarized sunglasses will help reduce glare from snow, water, road, and sun as well as help your eyes relax.

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