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How Does Screen Time Affect my Vision?

We're spending more time than ever in front of devices. Whether it's online learning, video conferencing, playing Fortnite, or binging the latest season of The Crown, screen time can affect our vision and health.

What is blue light?

The sciency answer: Blue light is high-energy wavelengths of light between 420 and 480 nm on the visible light spectrum can be both beneficial and harmful.

What that means: Blue light is a type of light naturally contained within the sunlight we experience daily (both visible and invisible, like UV). Blue light helps suppress the body's melatonin production for boosting general alertness and awareness during the day.

What does Blue Light do?

Exposure to Blue Light tells your brain to stay awake and can boost your mood.

Is Blue Light Bad?

The jury's still out on this one. Most studies agree that the biggest problem with Blue Light is exposure from screens. Because Blue Light works to tell our brains to stay awake and alert, nighttime screen use can make it difficult to sleep.

"Stimulation of these cells by blue-colored light (or from strong white light with a substantial blue component) can inhibit sleep and keep one alert," notes the AOA's Light and Eye Damage resource. "This can be beneficial to keep one alert during tedious activities but can be detrimental if one is stimulated right before bedtime."

More research needs to be done to determine the lasting health effects to Blue Light exposure in regards to disease.

Should I be Worried about Blue Light Exposure?

There is no evidence that Blue Light Exposure from devices will damage your eyes. The biggest issue with Blue Light is that it causes glare and visual discomfort. Wear polarized sunglasses when outdoors, and make sure you have an anti-glare treatment on your glasses. People with cataracts may be more sensitive to the glare caused by Blue Light.

Should I limit my Blue Light Exposure?

If you notice that you struggle to fall asleep, try limiting your screen time at night.

echarge and EX3 have blue light filters included in their anti-glare lens treatments, and will help your eyes relax while you're looking through them. You can also use a blue light filter App, like Night Mode, or Flux to make your screens easier on the eyes.

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