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New Sales Tax Law Begins July 1st

Starting on July 1st, Ohio patients will no longer have to pay sales tax for items purchased at their optometrist's office.

The Ohio Optometric Association worked to pass HB-156, a law that exempts prescription eyewear and contact lenses from sales tax, repealing current sales tax laws. The law was passed in 2017 and goes into effect on July 1st.

What does that mean for your glasses?

Your eyewear is now considered (to the state of Ohio) a medical device and will not have sales tax. This applies to:

  • Prescription glasses

  • Prescription sunglasses

  • Contact lenses

  • Prescription lenses

  • Repair and replacement parts for prescription eyewear

Sales tax will still apply to any accessories including:

  • Non-prescription sunglasses

  • Over-the-counter reading glasses

  • Contact lens cases and accessories

  • Glasses cases

  • Cleaning cloths and sprays

  • Nerdwax

  • Supplements

No sales tax means more freedom when choosing your frames and lenses. Your dollar will now go even further!

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