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The most popular frames for men and women this year.

TFEC's Top Ten is back! Last year, color was king, with the most popular styles featuring bright colors and patterns. This year, the trend is leaning more towards chic, timeless frames with intricate detailing. Scott Harris and Banana Republic eyewear return as fan favorites, with top styles from new lines like Vera Bradley and Argyleculture. This year, we're showing off the top styles for both men and women.

Top 5: Womens Styles

2020's favorites focused on metal detailing and neutral colors, with an emphasis on thinner, lighter frame styles. Lens shapes varied from square to round, but were still relatively large, giving wearers plenty of room for both progressive lenses, and added style!

Top 5: Mens Styles

The 2020 most popular mens frames are a perfect balance between understated professional, and modern cool. Classic shapes like round and rectangular got an update in new colorways and metals, making them lighter than ever. The Revolution Mankata was a huge hit; a simple, fashion-forward acetate frame, with the added bonus of a magnetic sun-clip.

Ready to upgrade your glasses? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Dave or Dr. Michelle for a complete eye health check and prescription. Our opticians are available to work with you to find the perfect frame for your lenses and lifestyle.

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