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What you should know before buying glasses online

Let's face it, we love buying things online. It's simple, we don't have to worry about parking or waiting in line, and we can shop whenever we want. But some things can't compare to the in-store experience, and buying glasses online is one of them.

Buying glasses online offers a wide selection of frames, with simple lens options. Most of the time, it's easy to find a pair that works well, but some people are luckier than others. Here's what you need to know before you consider buying your glasses on the Internet.

Know your size

Some online retailers show eyewear sizes in S, M, L. This isn't that helpful when it comes to figuring out what frames will fit comfortably. If you are a current glasses wearer, check your frames for sizing information. Most frames have 3 different numbers written on them, giving you the size (in mm) of the lens, bridge, and temple.

Know your prescription

Our opticians are experts in providing you with the best lenses for your frame choice and prescription. When you buy online, you're on your own. because of this, TFEC does not recommend buying glasses online if you have a strong prescription (+/- 3.00 or more), strong astigmatism (cylinder power +/- 1.50 or more), wear a bifocal or progressive lens, or if you are sensitive to lens materials. Bifocals, progressive, and high prescription lenses require additional measurements to ensure quality vision. These measurements are often missing from online ordering sites.

Know what you're getting

Most lenses and lens designs offered online are technology that is already old. Often, progressive lenses (which we don't recommend ordering online) have a narrow viewing corridor, and lens treatments like anti-glare or photochromics are old and outdated and don't function as well as their current counterparts. Frame quality is also something to keep in mind. Look for frames made with acetate instead of plastic, replaceable nose pads, and sturdy hinges. It is especially important to look for lens material that is impact-resistant.

The truth

For most people, buying glasses online will be just fine, as long as they are aware of the difference in quality. Trusting an optician with your eyewear will guarantee high quality, long lasting eyewear that fits properly, works well, and feels good.

Have you ever bought glasses online? Leave a comment with your experience!

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