5 Eye-Catching Stocking Stuffers

Raise your hand if you're scrambling to finish Christmas shopping. 🙋‍♀️ Did you remember to do your stocking stuffers? 🤦‍♀️ Don't worry! We'll make it easy for you. We have 5 simple ideas that are practical, thoughtful, and won't get thrown out with the gift wrap.

1. Glasses cleaning kit

The TFEC glasses cleaners include a custom cleaning cloth tucked in the lid, and come with free refills for life. Bring the bottle in anytime. The Alcohol-free lens cleaner is great for glasses, computers, tablets, and leaves a streak-free shine on any glass surface.

2. Nerdwax

For the active one, or the person that just can never get their glasses to stay up, Nerdwax is a great option. This chapstick looking tube is filled with all-natural organic beeswax that you apply to the bridge of your glasses (or nosepads). It's the no-grip-behind-the-ears pain-free way to keep your glasses up. You can even do a backflip in them. Go ahead, try it.

3. Sunglasses

It might feel like the dead of winter with snow and clouds, but sunglasses are always a good option as a gift. Not only do they make a great fashion accessory, but they protect against harmful UV radiation (even in winter), and promote better vision. TFEC offers a wide variety for the whole family, including styles from Ray-Ban, Polaroid, Nike, Betsy Johnson, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, and more. Include a bonus gift of our Independent Lens Collection RX Sun package for the glasses-wearer in your family.

4. XL Cleaning Cloth

The TFEC XL cleaning cloth is almost big enough to use as wrapping paper. This cleaning cloth makes it easier to clean your lenses on your glasses and sunglasses. Plus, it works great on tech screens and all glass surfaces. It's soft microfiber prevents scratches while removing dirt and smudges, and imprinted on the cloth are instructions on how to care for your eyewear.

5. Eyepromise Vitamins

For the fitness fanatic or health guru in your family, Eyepromise Vitamins are a great addition to their lifestyle. These vitamins offer a full suite of nutrients essential for eye health.  These nutrients help preserve and support vision for people concerned with age-related eye health like macular degeneration or vision loss.

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