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All About Your Eyes -- For Kids

Learn about your eyes and vision with these at home educational activities!

The Human Eye

The eye is an organ that sends images to the brain. It is protected by skull bones, and has six different muscles that allow us to move our eye and focus our vision. The eyelids and eyelashes protect eyes.

Did you know?

Light comes in through the pupil and what we see is projected onto the retina. The image is projected upside-down! It's your brain that flips it right-side up.

The Visual System: How Your Eyes Work (From NIH)

How to Take Care of your Eyes

Your eyes are an important part of your body. Sure, they help you see, but did you know that your eyes and your brain work together to help you walk, remember things, and learn?

It is important to keep your eyes healthy so that you can experience the world as it should be. The eyes can also show the first signs of something wrong in your body. Your optometrist can diagnose the first signs of diseases just by looking at your eyes!

So how do you keep your eyes healthy?

1. Get an eye exam every year.

2. Eat healthy foods, like fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

3. Protect your eyes from the sun, and wear safety glasses when playing sports.

4. Wear your glasses (if you need them).

5. Read, color, write, play video games, play outside. Get your eyes moving!

Eye Activities

Double Circle Eye Work Out

Stand in front of a white board, or use a sheet of paper, and have markers in both hands. With both hands, draw two circles at the same time in the clockwise direction. Then, draw one circle while going in the clockwise direction, and the other circle while going in a counterclockwise direction. Can you try it with your eyes closed? Challenge other family members and see who can make the best circles!

What's Missing

Collect 10 objects from around the house. Set them out on a table and have the players take a mental picture. Then, with their eyes closed, remove one object. Can they identify what's missing? Remove 2 or 3 objects at a time and see how many the players can identify!

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