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Can an eye exam save the planet?

Earth Day is April 22.

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In optometry, we're always looking for something. A new frame style, a new treatment plan, a better way to help our patients see. But we also want to make sure what we do helps our patients-and the planet-live better.

Here are some easy ways your eye exam can help save the planet.

Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses is easy and convenient. It also produces a lot of waste. According to Bausch and Lomb, the annual waste created by contact lenses could circle the earth 3 times, travel from New York to Los Angeles 30 times, or reach the top of 300,457 Empire State Buildings.

Due to the size and the packaging, contact lenses cannot be put into normal single stream recycling. They get filtered out at recycling centers and placed into the normal waste stream, contributing to landfills.

Contact lenses tallmadge family eye care dawson optometry eye doctor recycle

TFEC participates in the One-to-One recycling program, which offers contact lens recycling at the office. Simply bring in your used blister packs and any packaging for proper recycling.


When we choose eyewear brands to bring to our patients, we think about where the frames are made, and what they are made of. At TFEC, we want eyewear brands that are beneficial and sustainable, environmentally and financially. We use lenses by Hoya Vision, which has labs all over the world, globally certified for their environmental consciousness.

Safilo eyewear Tallmadge family eye care dawson optometry
Kids by Safilo SA004

Some of our favorite frame lines are Kids By Safilo, which is made out of a biobased, non-toxic and eco-friendly material, safe for children and safe for the environment.

Another great one is State Optical Co., a luxury eyewear line that is made in the U.S. Its local manufacturing and distribution means a reduction in carbon emissions caused by shipping and manufacturing from overseas. Plus, when you buy something of quality, you increase the lifespan of your eyewear, reducing remakes, repairs, and replacements.

State optical co Tallmadge family eye care earth day optometry dawson eye doctor
State Optical Co. Ada

If you have old, out of date, or unwanted eyewear, you can donate them to the Lions Club Recycle for Sight program.

This program repurposes your eyewear to provide prescription glasses to underserved people around the world. TFEC is proud to participate in this program and, with your help, has donated over 200 pairs of glasses since 2017.

Being a Superhero is Easy

It's easy being green. All it takes is knowing what resources are available to live a more sustainable life. And when in doubt, ask your optometrist!

$10 off for saving the planet? I'm in!

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