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Contact Lens Health Week

August 20-24 is National Contact Lens Health Week, sponsored by the CDC. Healthy habits with contact lens wear will promote good vision and maintain good eye health.

Contact Lenses are important medical devices that should be worn responsibly. Developing good habits for contact lens wear will maximize comfort and prevent irritation and infection. 

Keep your eyes healthy by following these tips:

  • Never use water or saliva with your contact lenses.  Bacteria normally found in your mouth or in water are foreign to the eyes and can lead to serious infection.

  • Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your contacts.

Tallmadge Family eye Care Contact lenses

  • Empty your contact lens case of all solution nightly and refill with fresh solution.  Never top-off old solution with new solution. 

  • Replace your contact lens case every 3 months to prevent bacterial build up.

  • We recommend using sterile contact lens solutions like Biotrue and Optifree to disinfect and store your contact lenses.  Use Clear Care when recommended by a doctor and follow the directions thoroughly.  

  • It is not recommended to use any eye drops while wearing contact lenses unless approved by your doctor.

  • Follow your prescribed wear schedule (daily, 2-week, monthly replacement) and always schedule an annual eye exam.  Never overwear your contacts.  Because contact lenses sit directly on the eyes, misusing contact lenses can lead to eye infections that can damage the eye or cause permanent vision loss. 

Watch Te's story to see how overwearing her contacts had her honeymooning in the ER.

When in doubt, take them out.
Serious infection can lead to possible permanent vision loss and can occur in less than 2 days.  Immediate care is essential to resolve any problems.

Signs of caution include

  • Pain or discomfort

  • Continued or excessive watering of the eyes

  • Persistent or severe redness

  • Mucous or crusty discharge from eyes

  • Extreme light sensitivity

Contact lens prescriptions will expire after one year. An annual eye exam helps maintain healthy vision and guarantee that the contact lenses are fitting well, healthy, and safe for the eyes. Always have a backup pair of glasses.

For more health tips during #NationalContactLensHealthWeek follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Avoid overwearing contact lenses by always having enough in your supply. You can now order your contact lenses online, anytime through our website.

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