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Independent Lens Collection

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

The TFEC Independent Lens Collection comes in a variety of styles, with all lenses featuring a 2-year unlimited scratch warranty. This lens collection allows us to offer the best quality lenses--without compromising your vision-- at an affordable cost.


Our Most Popular Lens Collections

  • Basic Single Vision: SV Phoenix with Super HiVision EX3

  • Premium Single Vision: SV 1.67 high-index with Super HiVision EX3

  • Lifestyle Progressive: Amplitude HIDEF freeform progressive Phoenix with Super HiVision EX3

  • Lens collections are also available in lined bifocal and trifocal.

What is Super HiVision EX3?

EX3 is an anti-glare treatment, not a coating. Because it is cured into the lens during the lens making process, it will not peel, chip or scratch off like a traditional "anti-glare coating". If something does happen to your lenses you will have a 2-year unlimited scratch warranty. Call us anytime and we will replace your lenses for free.

Super HiVision EX3 provides extreme scratch resistance and extreme anti-reflection. This allows for maximum visual clarity and reduces eye fatigue, keeping eyes feeling comfortable and refreshed.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Extreme scratch resistance with a 2-year, unlimited scratch warranty.

  • Extreme anti-reflection for maximum visual clarity.

  • Reduces eye fatigue, keeps eyes comfortable.

  • Extreme smudge and dirt resistance. Easy to clean and keep clean.

What are light reactive lenses?

Sensity and Transition light reactive lenses respond to UV exposure and turn your lenses into sunglasses in less than a minute. This lens treatment is perfect for people with light sensitivity, children, and people who spend time going in and out of doors. Sensity light reactive lenses are available in Brown, Grey, and Green, and are part of the Independent Lens Collection.

Treatment benefits:

  • Lens tint responds and adapts to environmental brightness and temperature.

  • Blocks 100% UVA/UVB rays.

  • Blocks HEV blue light.

  • Darkens in the car.


Independent Sun Lens Collection

We now offer our most popular lens collections for prescription sunglasses!

  • Single Vision: SV Phoenix Coppertone Polarized with backside Super HiVision EX3

  • Bifocal: Digital lined bifocal Polycarbonate Coppertone Polarized with backside Super HiVision EX3

  • Progressive: Digital progressive Phoenix Coppertone Polarized with backside Super HiVision EX3

What is a polarized lens?

Polarized lenses will help reduce glare from snow, water, road, and sun as well as help your eyes relax. Brown lenses are preferred for the outdoors, as it lets in more natural colors. Grey is great for light sensitivity because it will dull light and make your view feel darker. Green is great for activities that require high contrast, or in bright light and sunshine.

Coppertone polarized lenses
use this chart to find the perfect lens color for you

Treatment benefits:

  • Contains a special filter that blocks intense reflected light and helps reduce glare.

  • Blocks HEV blue blight.

  • Protects the skin around the eye from the sun's harmful effects.

  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

  • 100% UVA and UVB protection.

  • 97% reduction in blinding glare.

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