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Keep your eyes cozy this winter

Winter is coming… a time of hot cocoa, snowmen, warm fireplaces, and dry eyes.  Here are some ways to keep your eyes comfy this season.

His contacts are already dry.

Maintain Moisture

With frigid temps outside, going indoors is like getting blasted in the face with a hairdryer. 

The temperature difference and the dry environment of a warm home can leave your eyes feeling dry and uncomfortable.  Use eye drops during the day to help alleviate discomfort.

The doctors recommend using Systane Complete eye drops. Avoid brands that promise to “get the red out.” If you wear contact lenses, look for eye drops that are safe to use with contacts (like Refresh for contacts or Blink for contacts)

Is there a way to put in eye drops without pulling a face?

Change your contacts

Speaking of contacts, maintaining a healthy wear schedule will help keep your eyes feeling good during the winter.  If eye drops are not enough to keep the dryness away, try a daily contact lens like 1-Day Acuvue Moist or Dailies Aquacomfort Plus.  Daily wear contact lenses are often more comfortable and maintain a healthy moisture barrier throughout the day. Plus, they are very easy to take care of...Just throw them away at the end of the day.

Use a warm compress

A warm eye mask will help stimulate glands near your lashlines to produce more moisture.  Warm up a compress or an eye mask and wear it for about 10-15 minutes over your eyes. Relax, and enjoy some quiet time. 

Try not to eat your selfcare.

Upgrade your eyewear

An old prescription or lenses without anti-glare treatment can cause you to strain and suffer in your glasses.  Double check your prescription to make sure it is current (you can even schedule online) and get an anti-glare treatment for your lenses. An anti-glare treatment like Superhivisionex3 reduces glare from headlights, computer screens, and everyday light. 

Wear glasses that make you feel awesome.

If you mainly wear contact lenses, give your eyes a rest and put on your glasses. Your eyes will be able to breathe more and feel more relaxed.

How do your eyes feel? Eyes should feel the best when you can't feel them at all.

Follow Tallmadge Family Eye Care on social media @tfec2020 for more eye care tips and tricks (and maybe a freebie 🎁 ). Do you have a tried and true method to keep your eyes comfy in winter? Comment and let us know!

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