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Sunglasses as Sunscreen

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Whether you see the sun or not, UV rays are always in the atmosphere, and they are damaging to your skin and eyes.

Sunglasses = Sunscreen

When you wear sunscreen, you protect your skin from UV damage. Like the video, the woman applying sunscreen is protecting her skin, but there's a major area left exposed: her eyes and the skin around them. The solution: Sunglasses.

It is important to shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays because the radiation from the rays can damage the surface of the eye. The damage from the sun accumulates so that over time, your eyes can get worse. Unprotected exposure to the sun can increase the risk of certain types of cataracts and cancers of the eyelids. UV rays can also damage the retina, the light-sensitive back lining of the eye, which could lead to significant vision loss.

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Tips to Protect your Eyes

​Here are some tips that can help you protect your eyes from overexposure and damage from UV radiation:

  • ​Wear sunglasses any time your eyes are exposed to UV radiation, even on overcast, cloudy days.

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat, which can block up to half of the UV radiation.

  • Look for quality sunglasses that actually shield your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, blocking out 99-100% percent of UV radiation.

  • Wear polarized lenses for better vision.

Why Polarized Lenses?

  • Contains a special filter that blocks intense reflected light and helps reduce glare.

  • Great for driving, snow, and water.

  • Extreme anti-reflection for maximum visual clarity. Reduces eye fatigue, keeps eyes comfortable and refreshed.

  • Backside Super HiVision EX3 provides a 2-year unlimited scratch warranty.

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