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Win Betsy Johnson Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are Important All Year

It might be the dead winter, and the temperatures are low, but we're thinking about sunshine and dreaming of summer vacation. UV radiation can penetrate through cloud cover, but most people don't think about it when it's cold and snowy.

Tallmadge Family Eye Care is bringing some summer vibes to Northeast Ohio in the hopes of increasing awareness of common UV-related eye problems, which could be prevented by wearing sunglasses.

Protect Your Eyes From:

  • Cataracts: The clouding of the natural lens in the eye.

  • Macular Degeneration: the leading cause of vision loss in American adults.

  • Pterygium: A growth caused by UV damage on the white of the eye, which can block vision. Common on people who work outdoors in sun and wind.

  • Skin Cancer: Skin Cancer is usually found on and around the eyelids.

  • Corneal Sunburn: Reflections off water, snow, ice, and other bright surfaces can cause this very painful temporary vision loss.

betsy johnson sunglasses giveaway tallmadge family eye care dr dawson

Enter to Win

Enter to win online below, and get an extra entry when you purchase anything in store between 12/27/18 and 1/5/19


More information regarding the dangers of UV Rays can be found at Prevent Blindness.

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Jan 05, 2019

Very nice shades.


DeAnn Zalom
Jan 02, 2019

Happy New Year, these shades would be a great addition to my wardrobe.


Suzanne Saylor
Suzanne Saylor
Dec 27, 2018

Love those shades 😎

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