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Design your own frame

Design Duel is here! We're celebrating our newest addition to our kids optical, db4k by designing 2019's back to school styles.

Pick up (or print out) a frame template for a db4k frame style and design the frame your way. Check our Instagram and Facebook to see what kids are submitting, and tag us in your drawings when you post them online.

2 winning frames will be selected by db4k and made for their 2019 back to school collection. Plus, the winner will get a free frame, artwork featuring their design, and a bunch of cool swag! Submit your designs to TFEC by 09/30/18 to be entered into the contest.

View the complete db4k collection online.

From top to bottom: Top Notch C03, Rockstar C01, Ranger C01, Yolo C03, Smarty Pants C02, Cupcake C01.


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